The Mind-Body-Soul Connection

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The Mind-Body-Soul Connection

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Does all reside in the mind?

Most think that all resides in the mind, our emotions, our feelings, our thoughts of course. But what if our entire body and all of the cells within it played a role in our moods, behaviors and thoughts.

We are made up of trillions of cells and each one of these cells has memory. Especially the cells in the gut which are found to have the most retention for memory. That’s why they say use your “gut feeling”, because this abdominal area is actually a powerhouse, like a second brain that syncs up with the actual brain, influencing thoughts and emotions.

Ancient Philosophy and Practice

Ancient Chinese medicine and practice centers around the body and it’s connection to the brain and storing of emotions within the organs and energy centers. Other ancient cultures and practices also seem to involved different aspects of life and not so central to mental activity. It is said, that each organ is responsible for the processing of various emotions. For example, the the kidneys process fear, the stomach processes willpower and the heart processes sadness. With this knowledge it is only right to conclude that each organ could be in sync with the brain, sending and receiving information to and from it.

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Brynton Martel uses a metaphor referencing the sun, moon and earth to describe the relationship between the mind, body and soul.

“Whole-y” Trinity

Other tweets from Martel introduce perspectives in which the mind, body and soul can be looked at as the holy trinity, which is a term that stems from religious texts. If we dive into that concept of the mind, body and soul being a “Whole-y” Trinity, the mind starts to discover the profoundness hidden in plain site. Could it be, that a concept from religious texts dating back to centuries and ages ago is referring to the mind, the body and the soul? An even better question, could it be, that the answer to becoming whole and healthy as a person, is somewhere within this link between the mind, the body and the soul.

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Perhaps with this clarity, one can can assume that the body, and mind and the soul exist as a whole. This brings up the new “mental health” trend that is taking off, it seems like it is going in the right direction but still has a long way to go. Perhaps each of these components, not just the mental aspect, as just as important is the others. I know we as a society are quiet familiar with the mental aspect of things, but maybe there is some more exploration to do to become fully “whole”.