Symphony 1 Releases 2nd Installment in Elements EP Series

Symphony 1's Elements EP2

Symphony 1 Releases 2nd Installment in Elements EP Series

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The 2nd installment of the EP series inspired by the 5 elements of creation.

Early today, Symphony 1 releases the follow up to the first EP in the series, ELEMENTS. The series is a continuation of 5 song EPs inspired by the 5 elements of creation: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether.

Symphony 1, the music label and publishing company built around connecting entertainment with well-being, updates the melodic electronic concoction with 5 more original instrumentals produced Martel Clouds.

He talks about the inspiration behind the ongoing series,

I was watching Avatar: The Last Airbender and i quickly grew an obsession around the elements of creation. Thinking about them in philosophical terms and how they relate to people and their abilities and zodiac signs. The elements keep us alive on earth. You eat food (Earth). You drink (Water). You breathe oxygen (Air). You are moved by your will; your fire within (Fire). You are connected (Ether) within yourself and to everything else in the universe. During this time of pondering, i was listening to old records that i created but didn’t have a clear use for. These old records started to sound like the different elements. The first Earth release sounded like tectonic plates shifting right before my ears. I realized i had many songs and sounds like this; that brought the various elements to life”.

Listen to the full Elements EP2

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