Nature’s Perspective ~ Cool Contrast
Nature’s Perspective 1024 799 Isaura Figueroa

Nature’s Perspective

The outside noise of the world can disconnects us from ourselves and our truth. A trick in finding balance is too look at what is around us. Ask yourself, What is true for me at this moment? A simple questions like this can shift our thinking and allows us to see the world for what…

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Mind, Body Soul - Monk 2 - Cool Contrast
The Mind-Body-Soul Connection 1024 579 Cool Contrast

The Mind-Body-Soul Connection

Does all reside in the mind? Most think that all resides in the mind, our emotions, our feelings, our thoughts of course. But what if our entire body and all of the cells within it played a role in our moods, behaviors and thoughts. We are made up of trillions of cells and each one…

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