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Into the Aura - Cool Contrast
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Into the Aura: With Tom Chalko

It is said and believed that every living thing and even not-so-living thing has an aura. This whole idea of the aura still seems to be something that sounds like a fairy tail of a myth amongst most dinner table conversations. Cool Contrast dives deeper on this idea, to uncover the mystery of the aura.…

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GAMMA Waves 7 Proceeds Go to Mental Health
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Gamma Waves 7 Proceeds Go To Mental Health

Gamma Waves 7 Proceeds Will Go To Mental Health Gamma Waves, the world’s first never-ending album dedicated to the mindful music listener, has a brand new song out for the 7th release in the series. A few days ago, the Gamma Waves creator, BT Martel who produces music under the moniker Martel Clouds, tweeted a…

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Gamma Waves by Martel Clouds
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Meet Gamma Waves, The World’s 1st Never-Ending Album

Meet Gamma Waves, a series of songs tailored for the mindful music listener. The album takes us into another world where stillness and loudness meet to form a cohesive harmonizing experience. A message from the Symphony 1 team reads: “Gamma Waves 1 was uploaded in December of 2018 on our own streaming platform. Now we’re…

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