Meet Gamma Waves, The World’s 1st Never-Ending Album

Gamma Waves by Martel Clouds

Meet Gamma Waves, The World’s 1st Never-Ending Album

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Meet Gamma Waves, a series of songs tailored for the mindful music listener. The album takes us into another world where stillness and loudness meet to form a cohesive harmonizing experience.

A message from the Symphony 1 team reads:

“Gamma Waves 1 was uploaded in December of 2018 on our own streaming platform. Now we’re on 9 and the response we’re getting from people is inspiring”.

It’s a series of singles that sound like a cool wave of electric-calm. Gamma Waves is also the world’s 1st never-ending album, according to it’s creator, BT Martel, who releases music under the moniker Martel Clouds:

BT Martel, also went further, and left a personalized message for listeners, on the Symphony 1 website.

“Gamma Waves is a series of songs created for the mindful music listener. Music is powerful. And with great power comes great responsibility. I hope to further bridge the gap between entertainment and well-being. These songs are tools. Tools to tap into the greatest version of yourself. Use with great care”. -Brynton

In a world where songs are usually 99 cents or free to download, BT Martel and the Symphony 1 team and have decided to make a statement by pricing each song $3000 for the digital download. According to the Symphony 1 team, the Gamma Waves album plans to release songs periodically in which the proceeds go directly to various causes around the community.

“Some might wonder why we made each song $3000. No, it’s not to protect exclusivity or to cater to a certain demographic. It’s for the music. Music is valuable. Art is valuable. It’s creators are valuable. By the way, it’s the world’s 1st never-ending album and we’re raising money for various causes within the community”

Listen to the full Gamma Waves Series on the Symphony 1 Stream