Gamma Waves 10 Has Finally Arrived

Gamma Waves - A Symphony 1 Song Series

Gamma Waves 10 Has Finally Arrived

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Gamma Waves 10 Is Surprise-released via Symphony 1

Gamma Waves, the world’s first never-ending album dedicated to the mindful music listener, has a brand new song out for the 10th song release in the series.

Gamma Waves creator, BT Martel who produces music under the moniker Martel Clouds, announced the song link via social media. This time the proceeds go to a different cause within the community:

A message in the Symphony 1 Store reads:

100% of the proceeds go to families and individuals affected by homelessness. Symphony 1 is raising awareness so that we can fund the initiatives in support of these individuals.

Gamma Waves 10 is available for streaming here. The download can be purchase in the Symphony 1 Store, and all proceeds go straight to the cause.